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I am an owner of Aries Network, which is well-known worldwide in the business area from America to Asia.

Koppány a Fény táltosa!

Ébresztő hun magyarok!   Reklámok

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Atilla-Sword of God

An ancient Scythian legend tells of the Sword of God. Those in possession of this sword are invincible and are destined to rule the world. This is also the sword of Hungarian mythology (Isten Kardja). Atilla, the great leader of … Bővebben…

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HTML5 games for mobile, tablets and desktops


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The Uyghurs are Hungarians Y-DNA evidence

Ujgurok és a magyarok, TestVérNép!

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Scythian – Hun – Hungarian truths.

SUMER 3200 BCE Beginning of the Bronze Age: Height of the Sumerian civilization; development of numerous cultural and technological inventions (writing, the wheel). First Sumerian Empire extends fr… Forrás: Scythian – Hun – Hungarian truths.

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